1st Humanity Fellowship Centre in New Brunswick

1st Humanity Fellowship was formed as a project to bring internal quietness to each human being. It has evolved into building an Eco Village with Training Centre at Warwick Settlement (20 minutes from Miramichi) in New Brunswick, Canada. Now we are developing a 400-acre forested land into a small community for people interested in living more sustainably and off the land in one of 3 ways.

  • Permanent Residence
  • Short Term yearly Residence
  • Several Short term visits from week-end to several weeks at a time.

Individuals who want to Learn, Practice and Teach younger generation knowledge and understanding of Mother Earth and living in harmony with Nature.

We are looking for individuals interested in joining the camp and helping us build our capacity. We are opening this year with 8 RV type trailers to live in and an Office/Living space.

We plan to build our first Dome Home in July and more this year.

As this is a relatively new community we have lots of projects that we need help with including designing and planting a permaculture food forest, Dome Homes and platforms for camping, as well as beautifying the and making trails on this Land. We can do a lot of winter activities as well. Summer activities can go from Tubing, water sports, sightseeing and enjoying local foods from land and water.

Join and bring forward any skills you have to offer.

Help needed to Build this Land:

– Teaching permaculture and food forest growing techniques.

– Planting/sowing seed to provide the group with food

– Cooking meals for the group

– Building Dome Home and developing the facilities

– Creating banners and signage.

– Web design, Maintenance and New development.

You want to contribute… but cannot visit? Contact us and let us know how you want to help.

Please check out our facebook page:


Send a message through FB to contact us.